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Intelligent Energy and Environment Management

In advanced economies such as Europe, commercial spaces account for 20% of energy consumption and in development economies it accounts for approximately 17%.

Around half of this energy is consumed in office spaces and most of this is wasted by heating, cooling and lighting unoccupied offices.

Intelligent energy management systems such as DEXTRA.IO can be used to automatically sense when a room is unoccupied or occupied and adjust heating or cooling and lighting as needed.

We estimate that intelligent energy management systems can reduce energy use in offices by up to 60%, producing a potential economic impact of €10.3 billion to €18.1 billion per year in 2025.


Enablers and Barriers

In the office environment one of the most important issues, that influences adaption of smart energy management systems, is cost.

Often facility owners are faced with major investments, when a energy management system needs to be updated or installed.

DEXTRA.IO addresses this problem by only changing a few components in an existing infrastructure, but at the same time provide the full savings of energy management systems.


Extended Lifetimes for Office Buildings

Recent studies within office buildings Life Cycle Management shows that both economically and environmentally its better to extend the lifetime of a building, by up to 75 years, using a minimum of technological updates to preserve energy.

The trend of demolishing buildings between their 25th and 75th year in service, is impacting our environment significantly.

DEXTRA.IO helps in extending the lifetime of your buildings, as we reuse as much infrastructure as possible, as well as we provide the modern functions, that a building requires to be seen as a up to date workplace.

An older building with all the lights turned off between two modern buildings with every light burning

Re-using Existing Infrastructure Components

We have chosen a path of minimalism, we do not want technology to take over and change everything. The re-use of existing infrastructure allows us to focus on the matters, that makes a difference to the user or owner and the environment.

As an example we do not want to change the whole heating system, we only exchange the existing thermostats with battery driven smart thermostats, allowing each heating element to adapt to occupancy of the office.

This alone have a potential savings value of up to 81% of the energy consumed within a building.

Dynamic Learning

DEXTRA.IO uses adaptive learning in order to adjust heating and lighting consumption in the office building. The system is depending on 6 major learning points, of which 3 is user dependent.

One Gateway for Them All

DEXTRA.IO utilizes a multi-protocol gateway, that covers more than 99% of intelligent building control systems. In order to make solutions more affordable we have combined the central gateway from multiple manufacturers into one system.

This will allow communication between devices, regardless of its technical specification and use of transmission protocol.
The DEXTRA.IO advanced protocol conversion allows loT devices to inter-operate, as well as it allows a more comprehensive dataset for building use analysis.

Two screenshots of the DEXTRA.IO app

The App

The DEXTRA.IO app allows the user to take control of their work environment.

It features a fully automatic function, where the app notifies the central DEXTRA.IO system, when it’s time to turn on heating and lighting in the office as well as functions to allow the system to learn from user behavior.